NASBA commitment to accuracy

It is critical to ensure the information in ALL remains up-to-date and accurate. Given the ever-changing regulatory environment, NASBA takes the following steps to assure complete, current and accurate content:

  • We have staff dedicated to constantly monitoring the state board websites for changes in regulations, pricing and forms.
  • We use specialized web tracking software that monitors and automatically alerts us when State Boards have made changes to their websites.
  • State Boards are contacted directly on a quarterly basis to inquire about any regulatory changes that may not have been published and any changes that are being proposed so that we may monitor their progress.
  • NASBA is in a unique position in that we have very close relationships with all of the State Boards and they regularly notify us of upcoming regulatory changes. Many of our staff members are personally involved in accounting task force committees that include State Board members, allowing us special insight into the regulation of the CPA profession nationwide.
  • All regulatory and procedural changes are verified with State Boards and reviewed by our legal department to ensure the content is complete and accurate before it is updated or added to the Accountancy Licensing Library (ALL).

We have developed a rigorous process that results in the monitoring and updating of the ALL content on a daily basis. We are committed to ensuring ALL content is current and accurate and you can rely on ALL as a trusted resource.